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What Is An Ethernet Splitter And How Does It Work?

What Is An Ethernet Splitter And How Does It Work?

Posted On November 10, 2021

An ethernet splitter is a specialised electronic device used to connect computers and networking devices. It consists of three ports that are used to extend and improve a network connection. This unique cable transmission system works as an optical power distribution device.

This blog contains essential details and information about how an ethernet splitter works and what makes it an integral piece of networking equipment.

How Does It Work?

The basic function of an ethernet splitter is to split an internet connection and create multiple connections. This allows the devices to stay connected via a single network. Each outlet of the splitter requires one cable to function. The number of network switches you need will depend on the number of computers you want to connect.

An ethernet splitter being a power source supplies power to devices with a network cable. It is highly flexible, reliable and easy to install. This equipment works by splitting power from the data and supplying it to a separate input. There are two output cables included with the splitter. One cable transfers data while the other one simply supplies power.

The ethernet splitter eliminates the need for using multiple cables through floors and walls. You can connect your computer devices to a single network without the need of having more than one internet connection or medium.

Features Of An Ethernet Splitter

  • Always used in pairs
  • Consists of two different outlets
  • Enables sharing of high-speed internet
  • Can be used as an extension
  • Made of durable material
  • Offers stable data and power transmission
  • Highly compatible with Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7
  • How To Install And Use An Ethernet Splitter?

    To install an ethernet splitter, all you need is a network switch, IP camera and UTP cables. Connect both the output cables directly to the interfaces of the IP camera. Then, connect one end of the UTP cable to the splitter’s input interface, on the other hand, connect the other end of the cable to the switch port. This will start the data and power transmission. When using compatible and non-compatible devices, make sure that your splitter is connected with an injector first so that the data and power can be transmitted to the camera.

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