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What Are The Uses And Characteristics Of A Fibre Optic Cable?

What Are The Uses And Characteristics Of A Fibre Optic Cable?

Posted On November 10, 2021

A fibre optic cable is a highly advanced network cable used worldwide for running the internet, television and telephone systems. The revolutionary optical cable has significantly improved the bandwidth performance, it is specifically designed for data networking and telecommunications.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how fibre optic cables work, their various uses and other advantages.

Let’s start with – What is an optical fibre cable?

An optical fibre cable is versatile cabled-based communication technology. The unique cabling system is utilised for transferring information through pulses of light. The cable is made of pure glass strands enclosed with a layer of cladding which allows light to pass through the cable.

How Does A Fibre Cable Function?

As mentioned earlier, a fibre optic cable consists of glass strands and each strand has a centre known as the core. This provides a travelling pathway for the light. The two types of optical fibre cables are- Single Mode and Multi-Mode. A single mode fibre uses the glass strands to produce light whereas a multi-mode fibre optic uses LED to perform the same function.

The fibre cables function on Wave Division Multiplexing Technique. Each cable strand carries data and combines light in different wavelengths and then transmits the data through a single light pulse.

Some of the top-rated features of fibre cable are:

  • High throughput of up to 100 gigabits
  • Resilient to noise and EMI
  • Can be used with different types of connectors
  • Ensures safe and secure data transmission
  • Carries signals to longer distances
  • Advantages and Benefits Of Using Fibre Optic Cable

    1. High Bandwidth

    Optical fibre cable offers high bandwidth as compared to copper cables. High bandwidth enables fast downloads and access to internet resources. This cable is not only lightweight but is also highly flexible, this allows the cable to transfer data quickly at a higher speed. This is the reason why fibre optic cables offer multiple applications including- Internet, Phone lines, Networking and Telecommunications.

    2. Completely Secure

    Fibre cables have made data transfer and networking much easier; it is equally important to ensure a safe and secure data transmission. Fibre cable can be used in high-voltage locations or areas with adverse weather conditions. The cable is safer to handle as there is no electricity involved. Even if there are fluctuations in temperature or weather, the fibre cable won’t be impacted, it will continue to function.

    3. Unaffected by EMI

    If you are using multiple copper cables, this can lead to crosstalk between the cables, however, this is not the case when you use a fibre cable. It remains unaffected by electromagnetic interference and provides uninterrupted data transmission because the fibre cables themselves do not produce electromagnetic interference.

    4. Flexible

    Fibre cables can be incorporated into your existing network with the help of a media converter. You can increase your internet’s speed by extending UTP ethernet connections. Whatever your internet connectivity requirements are, a fibre cable can provide you with flexible upgrade solutions.

    5. Longer Range

    An optical fibre cable is perfectly suitable for transmitting data and signals over longer distances. The cable carries signals over a great distance of up to 25 miles. You can pick a fibre cable based on your everyday usage.

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