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How to Make RJ45 Cable Work Faster?

How to Make RJ45 Cable Work Faster?

Posted On October 22, 2018

The RJ45 (Registered Jack 45), often referred to as a data jack, is crucial to the efficient functioning of your Local Area Network (LAN). When it comes to a LAN project, speed and accuracy of the RJ45 cable will determine the success of your assignment. A faster RJ45 termination ensures the project completes on time, which saves time and money. A fast and accurate termination also minimises the chances of error.
Here are some practical tips to make RJ45 termination quicker and make your LAN work faster.
Understand the Colour Codes
RJ45 cables are colour-coded to differentiate between male and female connections and they also feature stickers or instructions that explain the different cables. Instead of going through the stickers time and again, it is better to memorise the T568A and T568B schemes for instant recognition. This not only saves precious time but also makes preparation faster.
Prepare the Cables Well
For faster termination of RJ45 cables, it is essential for you to know how to prepare them well. The better you prepare the cables, the faster they will work.
When you are preparing shielded cables, it is crucial to remove at least four inches of the covering jacket so that there is enough exposed wire to wrap around and achieve a sturdy bond that won’t come off easily.
If you strip off a shorter length, you may not have enough exposed wire to wrap around and may have to re-do the entire process.
Always Use Termination Aids
A variety of termination aids are available in the market to make RJ45 termination easier and faster. These include load bars, wire guides and stuffer caps.
Termination aids help in stabilising the pair of cables and help with perfect positioning prior to the termination. Termination aids also help reduce the strain on the cables, which ensures greater cable retention.
Invest in Good Quality Tools
The tools you use for RJ45 termination also play a vital role in how fast you complete the project. The market is flooded with cheap tools but they are mostly unreliable and often don’t last long. Good quality tools may cost more but remember it’s an important one-time investment for your job. Such tools not only last longer but provide more precise result as compared to cheaper tools.
Replacement parts (such as the cutting blades or replacement headsets) are easily available for branded tools. This way you continue to use the same equipment for years.
The best tools allow you to complete your RJ45 termination quickly, efficiently and correctly.
Always Measure Accurately
When you want to complete your RJ45 termination quickly and without hassles, measure the cable meticulously before cutting it. Also, measure the space the cable is supposed to cover.
Accurate measurement ensures you have enough length to cover the entire space and ensure a secured connection. If the measurement is wrong, you will only end up re-doing the project again and again.
Accurate measurement is all the more necessary when you are passing the cable through complicated spaces like wall outlets or modular furniture.

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