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Benefits of Installing Category 6a Ethernet Cable

Benefits of Installing Category 6a Ethernet Cable

Posted On December 6, 2018

When set up high performance data networks or local area networks (LAN), you want to make sure that you are get the most for your money. Without proper cables and connectors, your network speeds will suffer and in turn may not receive the most out of the network you pay for. As the technology advances, so does the offering of faster internet speeds and the need for better cables that can transmit data faster over longer distances. These cables only get faster as the technology requires it and in recent years, CAT-6 (Category 6) connectors and cables have become the basic requirement to support the GB network and applications and as a support for bandwidths of up to 250MHz. CAT-6a cables are becoming the new standard, especially in places like hospitals, universities, and data centers.
There are quite a few reasons why this is becoming the popular choice. For one thing, CAT-6a cables are the fastest ones available right now. These cables have the ability to support data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps with a max bandwidth of 500MHz. It can be backwards compatible with CAT-6 cables, making it so that you don’t have to worry about upgrading all of the cables if you get better internet capabilities at your office or business. Since the CAT-6a has tighter and a higher number of twists, as well as better insulation, there is less of a worry about things like cross talk. CAT-6a ethernet cables are a cost-effective solution for businesses that are not just for the current networking needs for your business but as a way to keep up for any future needs as they arise.
As networking speeds increase, using CAT-6a cables and connectors are going to be the best choice for any business. If you want cables that will work for your business for the next 10 years, CAT-6a cables are going to last you for a long time. You will also be happy to know that CAT-6a cables can be used for a broad range of applications in addition to voice and data, such as access control and building automation. Because of this, you are also able to utilize CAT-6a cables as a way to integrate multiple applications over these cables. Next generation devices will require you to use these cables to keep up with the technology. Many businesses that rely on their data have trusted these cables for their speed and their efficiency.
Category 6a ethernet cables are going to become the standard for cables as the technology requires more speed to transmit data. If you want cables that are going to last for your business, the only choice is category 6a cables and connectors. These have a longer lifespan because they offer capabilities for higher speeds. For new buildings, this should be the type of cable that is installed for data connections since they offer speeds that you may need in the future. For current locations, it can be an excellent idea to upgrade to CAT-6a cables to allow your business to move faster, increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Installing category 6a ethernet cables is a worthwhile investment for your business.

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