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5 Ways to Make RJ45 Terminations Faster & Easier

5 Ways to Make RJ45 Terminations Faster & Easier

Posted On September 5, 2018

If you are working on maintaining or installing a Local Area Network (LAN), one of the most crucial things toknow is how to correctly terminate network cables using RJ45 connectors.
RJ45 (Registered Jack 45) is a specification for cable termination that specifically denotes male and female connections and the pins of wire-in telephones or other LAN systems that use RJ45 connectors.
RJ45 connectors are also colloquially referred to as data jacks.
Why Should RJ45 Terminations be Fast?
RJ45 termination is successful when it is quick, does not require complicated tools and eliminates all possibilities of human error wherever possible.
A quick RJ45 termination increases the efficiency of the termination process thereby saving time both for you and your clients. Quick termination also helps reduce the chances of errors and, of course, you have to carry around fewer tools to do the job.
So how do you make RJ45 terminations easy and quick? Here are some tips that can speed up the process and make it easier to complete.
Learn the Colour Codes
For a quick termination, it is important for you to memorise correctly the T568A and T568B schemes. When you know the schemes perfectly, you don’t have to look at the colour coded sticker or termination sticker on the cables every time you are working with them.
You will be better prepared for the job and complete it in time too.
Prepare the Cables Correctly
The way you prepare your cables also affects the quality and speed of the termination process. While prepping shielded cables, always strip off at least four inches of the covering.
This ensures you have the required length of the drain wire to wrap around and achieve a strong bond. If you keep a shorter length, you may not have the required drain wire for a good bond and will have to re-cut, which will waste time.
Always Use Good-quality Tools
Cheap tools can save you money but you will never get the same satisfaction as with good quality tools. Investing in good quality tools is a one-time investment as these tools last longer and they are highly efficient and reliable. With the best tools in your toolkit, you can be sure of completing your RJ45 termination efficiently and correctly.
Use Termination Aids
There are several termination aids available in the market that you should use to make RJ45 termination easy and quick. These include wire guides, load bars and stuffer caps. These aids help to stabilize pairs of cables and ensure correct positioning before you start your termination work. They are also great at lessening the strain on cables and ensure better cable retention.
Measure Accurately
Before you begin the RJ45 termination, it is vital to get all your measurements correctly. This includes both the spaces you are connecting and the length of cable required accordingly. Accurate measurements ensure you have enough length of cables for the termination especially when you are working with modular furniture and wall outlets.

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