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Flex Boot Fibre Optic Patch Leads

Flex Boot Fibre Optic Patch Leads


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Apollo Technology’s Flex-Boot Singlemode and OM3 fibre optic patch lead assemblies have been designed designed to fit in tight spaces and into applications where a non-standard angle of connection is required.

These fibre optic patch cables have been manufactured using bend insensitive fibre (RBR) and feature OFNR (Riser rated) jackets along with LC or SC style connectors.

These cables utilize specialized flexible boots that can be bent in a variety of angles including 90° without exceeding the recommended bend tolerances of the cable.

You can bend them into the angle that best fits your application! These fibre optic cables are functionally tested to guarantee top performance upon delivery.

Apollo Technology’s fibre optic cabling is high quality and low loss helping to make sure that critical network uptime is guaranteed.

Custom lengths, connector combinations and polishes are available. Contact us today for details.

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