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APOLLO 17 Cleaning Kits

APOLLO 17 Cleaning Kits



The Apollo 17 fibre optic cleaning kits contains high technology products that can be used to clean and maintain fibre optic communication networks. This product has the flexibility to be used with various types of connector interface and equipment.
The field applications for the Apollo 17 fibre optic cleaning kits include: optical communication stations, transfer rooms, laboratories, fibre optic cable network operation and routine maintenance of any fibre optic network.
Included in the Kit:
• Apollo 15 Cleaning Tape x 1
• Fibre Optic Cleaning Swabs 1.25mm x 10
• Fibre Optic Cleaning Swabs 2.5mm x 10
• IPA Wipes x 10
• Can of Clean Air x 1
• Apollo 15 Cleaning tape replacement reel x 1

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