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OM3 50 Micron Multimode

High Quality Multimode Fibres Multimode fibres are the best way to ensure maximum connectivity. The

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6 Core OM3 50 Multimode 100M

$ 520.09

6 Core OM3 50 Multimode 50M

$ 332.06

High Quality Multimode Fibres

Multimode fibres are the best way to ensure maximum connectivity. These are pre-terminated cables designed to provide superior communication. Besides these fibres make a highly cost-effective option. They offer high capacity and are totally reliable. At Apollo Technology, we offer top quality fibre optic cables. These high efficiency cables are developed to accommodate fast networks.

They make a superior choice even in case of high-voltage locations. These locations include lightening prone places and buildings as well as spaces where some explosive fumes are stored. We also understand that different customers have different fibre optics needs. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of fibre optic cables. Therefore, with us you can find the one that precisely caters to your needs.

Exceptional Adaptability for Superior Performance

All out products are designed to offer exceptional product adaptability. Apart from offering quality products, we also focus on providing best possible customer service. This has made us come a long way since our inception. We strongly owe a huge part of our success to our customers for all the ongoing support. Besides, having different types of multimode fibres, with us you can surely find the ones that serve your purpose.

Apollo Technology is an Australian owned company. Here, we pride ourselves in making significant contributions towards the rapidly growing fibre optics industry across Australia. In order to serve you better, we also customize products as per your requirements. By constantly updating our stocks, we ensure that we have all the new products in place to cater to you as and when the need arises. We also offer fusion splicer as well as other types of fibre optic cables.

Have you made up your mind to invest in one of our quality cables? Then just call us on 03 9775 1795 or drop an email to We would be happy to assist you.

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