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Fusion Splicing

Technically Sophisticated Splicers for Excellent Connection Fusion splicers are used for efficientl

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A-118 Arc Fusion Splicer A-118 Arc Fusion Splicer

$ 3237.5

Technically Sophisticated Splicers for Excellent Connection
Fusion splicers are used for efficiently fusing two different fibres to ensure superior connection. At Apollo Technology, we proudly supply premium quality fusion splicers that successfully fuse two different fibres. These fusion splicers will fuse to an extent that completely prevents the light passing through the fibres from getting scattered. Our fusion splicing products ensure that the spliced area as well as the region surrounding it will be as good as a virgin fibre. Our fusion splicers are light in weight and make a great value for money. These units ensure easy operation as well as hassle-free maintenance of optical-fibre networks. The fast heating and splicing times combined with their excellent environmental performance make them extremely efficient. At Apollo Technology, we offer industry-best fusion splicers at realistic prices. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about any unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, these equipment make a good investment, as they ensure perfect fusion and are great where more splicing is involved. Being technically sophisticated products that are designed to offer superior results, our fusion splicers will:
  • Burn the dust particles, which adhere to the fibres
  • Prepare the end faces of the fibres for fusing
  • Set appropriate fusing time
  • Adjust the fusing current to the right level
  • Push the right amount of fibres together when they are being melted
All these features ensure that your fibres are efficiently fused without any scope for inappropriate fusing.
Comprehensive Fibre Optic Solutions
At Apollo Technology, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of leading edge fibre optic cable solutions to all our valued customers. Right from a wide array of networking products and SPF to technically advanced range of optical fibre cabling equipment, we have got them all stocked for you. Besides all our products are designed to last longer. Strictly focused on offering superior customers services along with top quality products, we have professionals who are passionate about providing you with all the assistance you require. Therefore, if you are not sure about a particular product or are confused in finding a product that precisely caters to your needs, our professionals will help you out with everything. Please feel free to drop an email to or directly reach us on 03 9775 1795

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