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Why Choose Pre-Terminated Cables?

Why Choose Pre-Terminated Cables?

Posted On September 11, 2020

The fibre networking that we know of has changed for the better. At the same time, on-site termination is now replaced with polished direct terminated connectors. This is where the importance of pre-terminated fibre lies. Here are the top reasons why you should choose pre-terminated cables:

1. Cost of Installation Reduces: The installation of pre-terminated fibres saves nearly 30% to 45% of costs. There are similar installations across Australia that demonstrate these savings through two main areas. This includes a lesser number of man-days needed to complete the projects and a reduction in the equivalent cost of the product.

While the biggest saving is from reducing the number of days due to reduced direct labour costs, quicker installation and testing, also, a reduction in the number of site days needed cuts down on travel time from several sites, wear and tear on vehicles and wasted time from gaining access to the site.

The main product cost will reduce because of the lower cost of terminations. The fibre terminated is done in a controlled factory environment is faster than on-site methods. Also, the cost and time to set up are avoided. A dedicated termination station provides for maximum terminations each day and lowers costs. Similarly, the connectors are cheaper and based on the volumes, and thus economies of scales on consumable products can be done.

Additionally, measuring, reeling and cutting cables are simple and faster. In case something unwarranted happens then we got the tools needed for any situation. A specialised testing area and equipment can test each fibre faster than the on-site fibre testing.

2. Enhanced Optical Performance: The pre-terminated fibre links give lower losses and ensure consistent quality termination. It is better that you check with your supplier about the equipment and technique that is used as not all pre-terminated solutions use the same method. To ensure high-performance fibre links, several items are needed. This includes high-quality ferrules and connectors. Also, quality epoxy resin and multiple machine polishing processes are used. Additionally, stage testing is needed and testing methods with the right equipment. At the multi-stage, the precision abrasive polish would produce a higher performance of lower loss connections as compared to hand polishing.

3. Improve connectivity: This can be done with the use of harnesses, hybrid trunks and fanouts. In case Rackspace is short on supply then we use a ruggedised harness to enable an equipment link to ensure that there is no need for the 1U patch panel. Also, harnesses are up to 144 fibres to save space. By developing a patch panel needed to harness the field link, there could be several problems. This is when the pre-terminated link is installed between the patch panel and the harness. When it comes to MTP products, it can be terminated only in the factory. MTP 12 fibre connectors are becoming more common with the demand for bandwidth.

4. Cut down on on-site time: The lesser the time engineers on-site, the better for networking and data centre managers. Pre-terminated solutions allow for a huge reduction in installation time, for instance, with several customers installing 24 fibre link that are in-between patch panels in 20 minutes. This includes pulling the cable and testing it. The other great benefit is that there are no cleaning fibres, cutting fibres or stripping cables and therefore there is no mess to clean up after. Studies show that the time needed for on-site installation is a larger indicator than price when your networking managers are selecting and deciding on the installation company to go with.

If you are looking for more information and have questions about pre-terminated cables, then you can reach out to Apollo Technology at 03 9775 1795.

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