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Tips for Using and Maintaining Fiber Patch Leads

Tips for Using and Maintaining Fiber Patch Leads

Posted On August 13, 2021

Fibre optic patch leads are essential for building a robust optical communication network to link devices and network components. Fibre patch leads with either simplex or duplex fibre optic cables terminated on both sides with connectors of various types help quick connection to any kind of telecommunication equipment. To ensure fibre durability and optimum optical transmission, it is essential to know how to use and take care of the fibre patch leads during connecting, disconnecting and other routine maintenance.

Connecting and Disconnecting Fiber Optic Patch Leads (Cables)

Multiple fibre optic interfaces can be linked and connected using the fibre patch leads. Whether it is to connect optical transceiver modules, fibre cassettes or adapter panels, fibre optic patch leads are used. Here we take an example of connecting and disconnecting a fibre patch lead to a transceiver and explain the how-tos.

Connecting the fibre optic patch leads

  • Fibre patch leads with connectors at both ends will have a cap to protect them. First, we need to remove them and the caps need to be kept for safekeeping.
  • Removing the cap on the transceiver
  • Inserting the fibre patch lead connector to the optical transceiver
  • Ensure the fibre patch lead cable maintain their shape by looping them and fastening them.

Disconnecting the fibre patch leads

  • By running a command, the interface in which the transceiver is installed is disabled.
  •  The fibre optic patch leads are carefully unplugged from the transceiver
  • The rubber safety caps are put back on the transceiver as well as the patch lead connector.

Although it looks straightforward, specific points need to be noted during the fibre optic patch leads’ connecting and disconnecting process.

  • Not just anyone can connect a fibre optic patch leads. An exceptionally skilled person with knowledge and understanding of network layout is needed to ensure quality and safe installation of patch leads.
  • While working with active devices, it is vital to wear antistatic wrist straps to reduce static electricity. Also, protective gloves and safety glasses need to be used to avoid electric shock and touching fibre shards.
  • While installation, the bending radius of the fibre optic patch leads should be adequately maintained. Any stretching or compression will damage the fibre patch leads.
  • When checking the fibre patch leads, it is crucial not to look through the lead while it has a laser coupled to it.
  • Fibre patch leads are built for certain durability. However, frequent removal and insertion of the connectors from the device may lead to excessive wear and tear.

How to do routine maintenance on fibre optic patch leads?

When it comes to periodic maintenance of fibre optic patch leads, to ensure optimal performance at all times, these two aspects are important – keeping them clean and properly stored.

Keeping fibre optic patch clean

The optical fibres are fragile and even little contamination like dust surrounding the optic fibres can degrade the optical signal. That is why it is imperative to maintain the cleanliness of the devices and connection points to achieve reliable optical transmission. Fibre optic cleaning involves cleaning the connectors. Both dry and wet cleaning methods include pen cleaners, foam swabs, fibre cleaning wipes, and much more.

Storing the fibre optic patch leads

The fibre optic patch leads need to be stored in a way that they are not damaged. When looping them during connection or storage, it should be noted that there can be microscopic damages within the optic fibre cable due to mishandling. In addition, there could be visibly damaged fibre optic patch leads due to increased bending radius or stretching. When such damages occur, the signal will be degraded, which will not be apparent at first, but the loss will become significant over time.

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