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Reasons to Consider Using Pre-Terminated Fibre

Reasons to Consider Using Pre-Terminated Fibre

Posted On March 22, 2021

Tested and pre-terminated cables are finding more popularity these days because they reduce installation time and are tested earlier which makes it easy to plug-and-play. They also offer high-quality performances.

Apollo Technology’s quality pre-terminated cables are an essential tool in the construction of fibre networks reducing waste and saving time on-site reducing your overall costs. For this reason, at Apollo Technology, we offer pre-terminated cables, as these products are tested and terminated before they are delivered to your site, they are plug and play. Aimed to serve you better with your fibre optic needs, we offer a comprehensive range of fibre optic solutions.

Here are the top reasons we think you should consider using pre-terminated fibre cables:

1. Quick Installations: With no necessity for on-site termination of cables, your installation time is reduced, and you’ll not need to wait for testing the system.

2. Cost-Effective: Since you’ll not need termination on-site, the hours needed for technicians will reduce offering you saving on hiring costs on both personnel and expensive equipment needed for termination.

3. Ready-to-Use: Our pre-terminated cables are assembled, terminated and tested before they are shipped. They are ready to put in place and be connected using a protective sleeve.

4. Factory Terminated & Tested: As cables are factory terminated, the light source and power are individually tested. We ship the cables with the test results to aid you in your installations.

5. No-Grips Required: The terminated ends tubes themselves double up as a 1500N pulling eye, which makes it easy and quick to install.

6. Custom-made: Cables will be custom made to the exact length and with connectors of your choice to suit your project perfectly.

7. Multiple-Applications: Based on the needs of your network our pre-terminated cables can be used for remote –LAN or multi-building links.

8. Wide-Range of options: A variety of colours and connector types allow for simple customisation. They are available in single-mode, multi-mode with LC/ST/SC connectors. We have a range of options for you to choose from.

What is Apollo Technology Advantage?

At Apollo Technology, due to our focus on customer service and increased value for optical fibre cable-related products, we have built an incredible and loyal customer base. At Apollo Technology, we endeavour to bring you a whole array of testing, measurement and other optical fibre cable-related necessary equipment and products at realistic prices. We invite you to go through our entire range of products including attenuators, optical fibre cable pigtails, pre-terminated optical fibre cables, cleaning kits and enclosures. If you are looking for standard products or customisation, we are the right people with exemplary services. Connect with us to discuss further and to learn more about optical fibre cables.

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