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MPO vs MTP Connectors – What is the Difference?

MPO vs MTP Connectors – What is the Difference?

Posted On March 22, 2021

In today’s era of big data and cloud computing, the demand for optic fibre cables for higher performance and increased data transfer speeds are increasing. The data centres with speeds of 40G/100G are being more common and the fibre optic cable technology and its related components and connectors need to step up their performance as well.

When it comes to fibre optic cable connectors, the MTP connector is surpassing the performance of the MPO connector.

This article discusses the differences between these two connectors, and why the MTP connector is a far better choice.

What Are MPO and MTP® Cables?

MPO (Multi-Fibre Push On) cables are capped with MPO connectors at either end. It is used as a connector for ribbon cables with at least 8 fibres, they are designed to hold multiple fibres to provide multi-fibre connectivity with one MPO connector to facilitate higher bandwidth, and high-density cabling systems.

MTP (Multi-Fibre Pull Off) cables are equipped with MTP® connectors at either end. This type of connector is an upgraded version of the MPO connector with improved specs. The MTP connectors can be used in place of MPO connectors but the connector itself is an engineered enhancement with improved mechanical and optical performance as compared to the MPO connector.

MPO is a type of connector while MTP is a registered trademark of an MPO connector manufactured by US Conec. All MTPs are MPOs but not all MPOs are MTPs.

MTP/MPO connectors are used with single-mode and multimode fibre-optic cables. The MTP/MPO is a connector manufactured specifically for a multi-fibre ribbon cable. The MTP/MPO single-mode connectors have an angled ferrule allowing for minimal back reflection, whereas the multimode connector ferrule is commonly flat. The ribbon cable is flat and appropriately named due to its flat ribbon-like structure, which houses fibres side by side in a jacket. The typical insertion loss for matched MTP/MPO connectors is 0.25 dB. From a design perspective, it is recommended to use a loss margin of 0.5 dB or the vendor recommendation for MTP/MPO connectors.

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