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How to Design Pre-Terminated Fiber Cables?

How to Design Pre-Terminated Fiber Cables?

Posted On August 16, 2021

Pre-terminated fibre cables are cut to a customised length off-site at the manufacturer’s location and are ready to be used at the application site. There are many compelling benefits to pre-terminated cables and they are surging in demand because of it. These benefits include:

  • Time saved during on-site installation- Pre-terminated cables are just plug-and-play type installation, as they already have connectors in place.
  • Assurance of performance – Unlike factory cut cables, pre-terminated cables come with certified performance.
  • The connectors of pre-terminated cables are much more robust, durable (spliced or epoxied) as compared to factory-cut cables with mechanically joint connectors, which can be expensive than the former.
  • Contrary to popular belief, they are cheaper and more efficient than buying bulk cables and connectors to create factory-cut cables.
  • There is no necessity for specialised skilled labour for on-site cable termination.

With many benefits and saving both time and money, pre-terminated cables are the go-to choice for many end-users.

So, the question arises – How to specify the design of pre-terminated fibre optic cables to the manufacturer? The answer lies in understanding the optical technology and your specific application installation.

The following factors will help you design the pre-terminated fibre cables and communicate them to the manufacturer to get your desired cables.

  1. Length

This is an obvious one; the first point of designing a pre-terminated cable is to know the necessary length of the cable run. It is essential to measure the length with some extra tolerance, not to pull or squeeze the cable and ensure that you can easily plug in the connector. The best practice for measuring the length of pre-terminated cable is to add about 20 feet extra to the accurate measurement of the cable. The modern fibre optic cables allow for a bend radius of 0.5 inches, which will enable you to loop up an extra cable conveniently.

2. Stand Count
The stand count signifies the number of glass strands within the cable. Duplex or two stranded optical fibre is typical in most electronics. Besides, many manufacturers include some redundant glass strands that’ll allow for scaling in future. Nowadays, pre-terminated cables are available 6 or 12 strands.

3. Connector Type
One of the significant benefits of pre-terminated cables is the durability and build quality of their connectors. To specify the connector type, it is essential to know which connectors are suited to your purpose. Understand the type of device connected with the pre-terminated cables will decide the cable connector type. Device ports can feature LC, SC, FC or an ST connection. You could also choose a a cable with multiple connectors.

4. Jacket Material
The environment in which the pre-terminated cables are going to be installed determines the type of jacket material. For instance, interior applications may need riser or plenum jackets, while exterior applications might warrant a water-rated jacket.

5. Armour
When there is a need for buried cables, it mandates metallic armour over the optic fibre cables to protect them from rodents, physical damage and abrasive actions. Most direct burial cables that get deep into the soil are pre-terminated cables, as it would be impossible to cut the metallic armour on-site.

Apollo Technology is able to manufacture an extensive range of pre-terminated cables made to your exact specifications. If you require them in a specific material, break out type or connector configuration, just let us know, and we are more than happy to assist.


  • All Cables come ready to install will comprehensive test results.
  • Plug and Play solution- save time, money and effort.
  • Pulling option available to assist in easy deployment in the field.
  • A variety of colours and connector types allow for simple customisation.

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