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Everything You Need to Know About Fibre Optics Cables

Everything You Need to Know About Fibre Optics Cables

Posted On August 13, 2021

Optical fibre cables have revolutionised the way people communicate in the modern digital world. High-speed data connectivity and globalisation of information technology can be attributed to the worldwide adoption of optical fibre cable technology. Increased bandwidth and carrying capacity as compared to traditional copper-wire cables, the optical fibre cables are replacing them as the cable of choice for a quick, efficient way to transmit data and communication signals. These cables are the solution for reliability and fast data transfer on the planet today.

Some of the domains where they are bringing in advancement are in the following industries – telecommunication, networking, internet connectivity, Cable TV services, and other networking systems.

How does the optical fibre cable work?

The primary principle behind the data transmission in an optical fibre cable is the phenomenon of internal reflection. The light pulses are transmitted through continuous internal reflection within a transparent pure-glass core, protected by a glass-covered cladding to avoid interference from the external medium. In addition, both the core and cladding are protected within an outer jacket wrapped up in a buffer tube. The outer protective layer is made of a material like plastic to keep it safe from environmental factors and electromagnetic interference.

Optical fibre cables provide low maintenance and higher signal strength carrying capacity ideal for connecting continents across the globe. For long-distance connectivity, long cables are run. In the event of loss of signal strength over the distance, the signal is converted into electrical signals and then back to light pulses at intermediate distances to keep the strength intact throughout the transmission. Additional components are integral to the optical fibre cable signal transmission system.

Unlike metal-wire cables where the electrons are responsible for transmission, the light pulses travel in an optical fibre cable. Light travels faster than electrons resulting in an increased transmission speed. The light pulses within the cables travel at about 70% speed of light. At the receiving end, special equipment is used to receive the signal transmission and are converted accordingly.

What are the different types of optical fibre cables?

There are two different types of optical fibre cables – Single Mode and Multi-mode.

Single-Mode Optical Fibre Cable

A single-mode optical fibre cable is about 8.5-10microns diameter in size and is designed to carry light pulses directly. It is a single strand of glass fibre, as the name suggests. With a single mode of transmission, it can propagate 1310 or 1550 nm.

Compared to multimode cables, the single-mode has increased bandwidth and can transmit up to 50 times higher distance due to its smaller core. The single-mode optic fibre cable is designed for data transmission over long distances and is perfect for cable TV networks and large college campuses.

Multimode Optical Fibre Cable

There are multiple modes of light pulse transmission due to the larger core diameter. The multimode cables generally have 50-100 microns diameter. Over medium distances, these cables offer higher bandwidth and higher speeds. These optical fibre cables are considered better suited to ‘domestic’ needs and are used for local-area networks, like the FTTH, and also reach up to 100Gbps speeds in ethernet.

What are optical fibre cable connectors?

A signal is transmitted and received at the output. To connect the cable to relevant inputs and outputs, cable connectors are used. The optical fibre cable connectors also offer higher flexibility to connect different cables. They also provide necessary termination points for signal routes.

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